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7 Nov, 2010

The 12th Anniversary PArty of AROCHK was held in Hyatt Hotel, Shatin. What a nice place and what a fun day!


15 May, 2010

The details of the Hong Kong Centenary Event and Alfa Romeo Centenary Trip to Europe were uploaded.


17 Apr, 2010

The details of the Alfa Romeo Centenary Trip to Europe were uploaded.


16 Feb, 2009

The details of the long waited Morning Drive uploaded.


6 Dec, 2009

The details of BBQ Party on 1 Jan 2010 uploaded.


29 Nov, 2009

The 11th Anniversary Party was held on that day! Check out the pics in here. And most importantly...the "Best Looking Car" award goes to a very beautiful Brera!! The prize it's got is also priceless...hehe.


9 Aug, 2009

After the morning drive on that day we had "飲茶" at a local restaurant in Fanling. How special it was!


26 Jul, 2009

We had a truly exciting morning drive under patches of pouring rain and finished the most fun RC car raing at the indoor track!


13 Jun, 2009

Shenzhen International Auto Show, 13 Jun 09...lots of gorgeous models.....!


16 May, 2009

Annual General Meeting at Royal View Hotel where the very first auction was done with great success.


2 May, 2009

Morning Drive and breakfast at Royal View Hotel. We will encore, I can assure you!


10 Apr, 2009

Italian Dessert Night! Can't really forget the sweetness!


1 Mar, 2009

Morning drive fun with 20 fellow members. Real cool....


17-18 Jan, 2009

Had Go-kart racing in Shenzhen. Percy being the big winner!


15 Dec, 2008

Details for the Christmas BBQ Party on 20 Dec have been uploaded.


23 Nov, 2008

We've done morning drive on that day!!


5 Oct, 2008

Our Alfa Club is turning 10 this year! Details of the long awaited 10th Anniversary Party were announced.


27 Sep, 2008

There was a night gathering in "Findscafe" in the Elements arcade..


31 Aug, 2008

We went for Morning Drive and radio control mini-z cars racing on that day!


16 Jul, 2008

Details of outing to Ngong Ping 360/Tai O finalized and uploaded.


28 Jun, 2008

Details of cycling event uploaded.


01 Jun, 2008

Morning Drive for 1 Jun 08 uploaded.


03 May, 2008

The AROCHK is stepping into the 10th year. We need your support so that we can organize events with more fun. We are going to hold the Annual General Meeting on 3 May 08 which is a good opportunity for you to renew your membership.....


04 Mar, 2008

Details of the Italian Food Appreciation and Morning Drive in mid-March uploaded.


10 Feb, 2008

Details of the upcoming Karting Race on 16 Feb 08 uploaded.


27 Jan, 2008

It's time to unleash once again the power of your Alfa engines. Let them rev and roar...haha! The Morning Drive is upcoming! So you'd better set up your alarm, top up your fuel tank and clean up your cars and show up!

As usual the morning drive will be followed by "yum cha, 飲茶" where we can do what we like most to do....chit-chat!

Details as follows:-

Date: 27 Jan 2008
Time: 6:30am sharp
Venue: New place


7 Jan , 2007

The details of the Morning Drive on 27 Jan are uploaded.


Dec 17 , 2007

The details of the X'mas BBQ Party are uploaded.


Nov 11, 2007

1. Some preliminary details of the 9th Anniversary Party are uploaded.

2. Pictures of the France/Italy uploaded.


Sep 2, 2007

Details of the upcoming Morning Drive on 16 Sep can be found here.


Aug 19 , 2007

We've now got details for the Alfa Romeo Collector's Items Exhibition. It's on 25 Aug 07. I'm sure this is going to make your eyes open!!


Aug 4 , 2007

Details including the itinerary and price for the Trip to France/Italy in Sep/Oct have been uploaded. The deadline for paying the deposit is on 10 Aug 07. Alfisti, act now!


Jul 22, 2007

1. The details for the upcoming Morning Drive on 29 Jul 2007 are uploaded.

2. More details including the price for the Trip to France/Italy in Sep/Oct will be posted here as well as emailed to individual member once available. So stay tuned!


Jun 17, 2007

The details for the upcoming event: Hong Kong Wetland Park (濕地公園) can be found here.


Apr 29, 2007

1. The Year Plan for 2007/08 can be found here.

2. We do it once more! The Morning Drive (encored) on 27 May have been uploaded. Check it out here.

3. The correspondence address and fax number for AROCHK have been updated as follows:

Address: 9/F, Park Tower, 15 Austin Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Fax no.: 2646 3713

本會地址:九龍柯士甸道15號 百達行 9字樓

傳真號碼:2646 3713


Apr 9, 2007

1. The details of the Morning Drive on 22 Apr have been uploaded. Check it out here.


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