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It was in Spring 1998 that a handful of long suffering Alfisti put their heads together in order to found a club for owners of Alfa Romeo cars.

The story that Alfas would be more defect-prone than other marques has always been a tall one. Alfas need a good hand both from their owner and driver, as well as from their mechanics who should really know about the thorough-bred in front of them. Unfortunately, this is the exception. Already in the past, alfisti have liked to meet in order not only to share their enthusiasm and their .Alfa-Virus・, but especially also to get helpful hints and advice as to which mechanic an Alfa can be entrusted and to which it can・t. Not only in Hong Kong!

An Alfa is the embodiment of the joy of life. An Alfa lives. Sober perfection is boring. As with people of the opposite sex, it・s the little quirks, which attracts us towards them and makes them feel lovely and likeable.

Nobody in the Alfa Club is a real technical genius, but we all know about our cars.

The Alfa Club Members are meeting regularly, though not always announced to all members. The nice thing about it is that it is not absolutely necessary to give prior notice. Just show up at the meeting point at the given time and that・s it. Other functions, of course, need prior notice, just in order to be sure that there is enough space for everyone. Still others need prior bookings with hotels or other facilities.

A nice little sugar candy for AROCHK members, is that the Club is able to recommend good independent repair shops and also assists with the procurement of spare parts. By doing so, many Alfas remain shorter in the garage・s workshop than they would otherwise. We also have our own technical guru, who is helping us to identify the problems.

The Alfa Romeo Owner・s Club Hong Kong is a government registered club.

Our club has the goal to bring together owners and enthusiasts of the Alfa Romeo marque by regular meetings and newsletters and to share opinions and experiences.

The AROCHK・s life depends on the active members and also needs them contributing some time and efforts. Ideally there is a give and take between the club and its members. The fun-factor is very important for us, actually the most important.

Our child, the AROCHK is developing well. On average the .gang・ is meeting once or twice a month. All have gasoline in the blood and, so there is a lot of Alfa-Talk going on. Comment by my wife: .You are all crazy, but nice・.

This statement does not need any further elaboration.





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